David and Victoria Beckham unite for rare stage appearance together… and the proud fashionista can’t resist a playful glance at her husband’s bottom

Joint appearance: Thought they've been married for 17 years, the pair are rarely seen in natural interactions

They head up one of the tightest-knit families in showbusiness.

But Thursday’s joint stage appearance in China was a rare one for David and Victoria Beckham, who are more regularly committed to individual projects.

The famous couple lent star power to the Global Shopping Festival Countdown Gala in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, themselves looking particularly stylish.

Onstage, David exchanged adoring glances with Victoria, particularly when she showed her playful side and obligingly tried on a pair of sunglasses for size.

Equally, Victoria, who has four children with David, seemed t

o still be filled with pride for her handsome, former footballer husband who was suitably slick in a navy suit.


Adoring: David found his wife particularly amusing, and shot glances at her as she played up to the stage antics
Shady lady: He laughed as she showed her playful side on stage

She even couldn’t resist glancing a little too long at the father-of-four’s bottom as he stepped out of the car ahead of her.

Caught on video, the brunette turned to point at his perky derriere and returned with a coy giggle for her 12.9m followers.

Later, Victoria and David were filmed entering the venue hand-in-hand; a sweet insight into their backstage behaviour around one another

Giggles: She pointed at her husbands derriere with glee
.Hand-in-hand: The pair were seen in a video holding hands as they approached the stage
Affection: She pumped him up with hands on his shoulders
Insight: It was a rare insight into how the couple interact when they think they're not being watched

Victoria used her social media to ask her followers what she should wear to the event that afternoon, but it was apparent that had reverted to her go-to black in her time of need.

She was looking effortlessly chic in the sleeveless number, which she accessorised with matching shoes and a simple, gold cuff.

With her faithful stylist Ken Paves on hand in Shenzhen, Victoria’s hair was also coiffed to perfection.

Popular: The couple were there to support his promotions with Haig Club whisky
Launching: The famous couple lent star power to the Global Shopping Festival Countdown Gala in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
Tying in: For once, Victoria and David's promo duties married up perfectly

Fashion designer Victoria is currently supporting David during his promotional duties for Haig Club whisky. 

He has also been in Shanghai, launching his partnership with skincare brand Biotherm Homme.

Though for once, his travels tied in with Victoria’s PreSS17 tour for her eponymous fashion brand.

Prepped to perfection: Victoria has taken her stylist and good friend Ken Paves with her

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