Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Timberlake Get Too Close for Comfort in Doctor Strange Spoof

Doctor Strange or Strange Doctor…?

Ellen DeGeneres tapped Justin Timberlaketo help flip the script on Benedict Cumberbatch‘s superhero blockbuster in a hilarious sketch featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday. While Cumberbatch takes on Marvel universe’s most powerful sorcerer in the flick, Timberlake channels a less heroic, much creepier adaptation of the popular comic book character.

“I’m coming out with a similar movie [to Dr. Strange.] Similar in the sense that it’s completely different but sounds the same,” Ellen tells audience members. “I think it’s going to be even bigger than that.” LOL!

Enter the comedienne as a patient sporting an arm sling and neck brace. The pop singer, dressed in a doctor’s coat, emerges from behind a coat rack and begins whispering in Ellen’s ear.

Justin then begins giving Ellen a neck message, to which she asks, “Is this part of the check up?”

The Trolls star ups the ante on the weird factor when he straddles the talk show host and says, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” Ellen responds, “Is that a test tube I’m feeling?”

Source: eonline.com

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