Ex-Geordie Shore babe Chantelle Connelly poses NAKED for new calendar

The reality star left the show’s party tour of Europe to return home to her boyfriend

Things often get hot and heavy in the Geordie Shore house.

And even though she’s no longer part of the MTV reality show, Chantelle Connelly has carried on the tradition by stripping off for her new calendar.

The 26-year-old, who featured in the series 13 premiere on Tuesday, is sure to get lads in Newcastle and beyond all hot and bothered when her 2017 calendar hits the shelves.

In one shot, she shows off her enviable physique as she appears completely naked, striking a sexy pose and looking back over her shoulder, retaining the tiniest bit of modesty by covering her nipples with her hand.

  • Chantelle Connelly strips naked for her 2017 calender

In another, she crouches down on a beach in a barely-there silver bikini, pulling her long, dark tresses back from her face.

In a third sultry image, Chantelle sits poolside in a wet, white bathing suit which is just see-through enough to show off a hint of her ample assets.

The reality star recently revealed that she regretted leaving Geordie Shore for ex-boyfriend Tommy Sayers

  • Chantelle looks hot as she poses for her new calendar Chantelle Connelly has boyfriend's name tattooed on her neck
  • Chantelle Connelly has boyfriend’s name tattooed on her neck

Chantelle was so in love with him that she had his name tattooed on her neck, underneath her own.

But less than two month’s later, her bubble burst.

Chantelle, who had previously struck up a romance with Scott ‘Scotty T’ Timlin on the show, said her then boyfriend was her main reason for saying goodbye to her nine month stint on Geordie Shore, but speaking to The Chronicle days before she was back on screen, she admitted it was a mistake.


    The Geordie Shore babe poses in a bikini for her calendarChantelle Connelly has boyfriend's name tattooed on her neck

  • Chantelle and ex-boyfriend Tommy Sayers

“I definitely regret leaving for the reason I did,” she said.

“I left for someone who didn’t appreciate me or the fact I’d walked away from a huge show.

“Series 13 could have been the best time of my life. I just wish I’d been single.

“Quitting Geordie Shore was a massive decision and I don’t think anyone realises how hard these past few months have been for me since I left. It’s been tough.”

Source: mirror.co.uk

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