Jerry Seinfeld Awkwardly Rejected Kesha’s Hug On the Red Carpet

Seinfeld fans, take note: Jerry Seinfeld does not want a hug — even if you’re Kesha. While on the red carpet at The David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song on Monday, June 5, the comedian brutally rejected the pop star’s request for an embrace not once, but three times. Watch the cringeworthy moment in the footage below.

While Seinfeld, 63, was chatting with 94.7 Fresh FM’s The Tommy Show’s Tommy McFly at the Washington, D.C. event, the singer, 30, excitedly approached him to introduce herself. “I’m Kesha!” she said. “I love you so much!” As Seinfeld thanked her, she extended her arms and asked: “Can I give you a hug?” to which the actor quickly responded, “No, thanks.”

When Kesha pleaded, “Please?” Seinfeld repeated, “No, thanks.”

Still determined, the “Tik Tok” singer moved toward him and tried to bargain with “a little one.” Seinfeld shut her down by taking a step back and once again repeating, “Yeah, no thanks.”

As Kesha gave up and walked away, Seinfeld explained that he didn’t know who she was. When the radio host identified her, an unfazed Seinfeld replied, “Oh, OK. Well, I wish her the best.”


McFly later tweeted the now-viral video, writing: “LAST NIGHT @KeshaRose found out @JerrySeinfeld is not a #Hugger — Is it hard to be a non-hugger in 2017?”

Despite the awkward moment, Kesha had an exciting night. The singer, who wore a red pantsuit decorated with glittering sea creatures, took the stage with Ben Folds to perform for guests including Katie Couric, Hugh Jackman, Ivanka Trump, Jay Leno and Margaret Cho.

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