Sophie Kasaei looks gorgeous in her bikini as she hits Barcelona beach


But it seems the nasty comments have not affected the 27 year old’s confidence, as she was spotted having fun on the beach in Barcelona.

Showing off her curves in a green bikini, the reality star seemed to be enjoying herself as she frolicked in the sea.

With her long dark hair loose across her shoulders, the cousin of Marnie Simpson also sported a pair of mirrored sunglasses on her head.

And beaming at the camera, the brunette appeared to be having the time of her life.

Sophie Kasaei showed off her curves in a bikini

Sophie Kasaei took a dip in the water 

The northern lass then sat down in the waves and grinned as she ran her fingers through the sand.

With barely a scrap of make-up on, the Geordie girl flaunted off her bronzed skin as she lapped up the sun.

 And accessorising with a simple necklace and some rings, the best friend of Charlotte Crosby proved that the bodyshamers were far from her mind.

Sophie was recently forced to speak out after online trolls targeted her on the day of her birthday party.

Sophie Kasaei strolled along the sand in her green bikini  
Sophie Kasaei has recently hit back at bodyshamers online

After seeing nasty comments about her weight, the stunner took to Twitter to hit back at the critics.

“Ppl are so f**king sick nd twisted. I’m a normal girl who doesn’t starve, my bf loves me for who I am. Do ppl want me to hav a eating disorder? (sic)” wrote the star.

 And it wasn’t long until support from her close pals came flooding in.

Geordie Shore co-star Holly Hagan responded to the message with: “F**k them a hate them all you are perfect as you are.”

Sophie Kasaei was bodyshamed on her 27th birthday  
Sophie Kasaei seemed happy and confident in her bikini

Sophie then replied with: “Love you dolls, you know I’m the ice queen but this one has hit me hard I we’ve had this fr years it’s not on man we are NORMAL. (sic)”

Meanwhile, model Nicola McClean added: “You look amazing babe don’t take it on board.”

To which the Geordie star replied: “Thanks Nic, it’s awful man I’m just a normal lass.”

Sophie recently spoke out about her “weight gain” – and admits she used to be “depressed” when she was at her slimmest.

Sophie Kasaei has told her fans that she is just a ‘normal lass’
Sophie Kasaei looked gorgeous on holiday in Barcelona 

“I was depressed and didn’t want to eat. I put all my money into a shop and lost it all. My relationship started to f**k up, my parents were getting a divorce. I didn’t want to be here,” the model said.

“I look at pictures and it worried us. I looked ill – my ribs were on show, and my hair started to fall out. But this year has been the best year of my life. I started eating again. That’s why I’m fat – because I’m happy!”


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